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Job loss, huge medical bills, unplanned repairs. Any number of things can throw your finances out of whack. And what was once a small tax bill now seems enormous. Or you’ve gotten behind filing your tax returns and now you think you’ll never get caught up. But procrastination isn’t the answer. The IRS WANTS to ensure you can pay what you owe, and they WILL work with you, so let me work for you to get you the best possible resolution available. You don’t have to deal with the IRS alone. Contact me now for a complementary 30-minute consultation phone or Zoom call.

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Offer In Compromise

The IRS has guidelines that allow them, in certain instances, to accept an offer from a taxpayer for less than the amount owed. I can analyze your particular situation and advise you on whether an OIC is a viable option.

Installment Agreement

I can help you determine the minimum monthly payment the IRS will accept, which in some cases will result in you paying less than the total amount of tax due.

Penalty Abatement

The IRS charges several different types of penalties, but there are methods I can employ to reduce and/or eliminate some or all of them for you.

IRS Levy Removal

Having a levy placed on your paycheck or bank account can create tremendous hardship. In many instances I can get a levy removed.

IRS Lien Removal

Any time a taxpayer owes back taxes, the IRS automatically places a lien against that person’s assets in order to protect their right to collect. This can cause problems when you try to sell or refinance your house. I can work with the IRS to get the lien removed or discharged.

Innocent Spouse Relief

Unfortunately, not everyone is as honest as they should be. If you feel you are being unfairly held responsible for a tax debt incurred because of the actions of a spouse or former spouse that you had no knowledge of or could not control, there is an exemption available to relieve you of that tax liability.

Audit Representation

There aren’t many things scarier than receiving a notice from the IRS that your tax return is being audited. Not only is it very stressful, but you could potentially end up owing a lot more tax than you thought if the audit isn’t handled correctly. Let me represent you in an audit to ensure you pay no more tax than you’re legally obligated to pay.

Delinquent Tax Returns

The IRS will not consider allowing relief from a tax debt until you are in compliance with tax return filing requirements. If you need back tax returns filed, I can file them for you and get you back in compliance.

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