Are IRS Notices Robbing You of Sleep?

Most people who have received a notice from the IRS would agree that it can cause an uneasy feeling in the pit of the stomach. And depending on the content of the notice, can also cause sleepless nights. Let’s face it, the IRS has a reputation that, quite frankly, creates fear in the hearts of many people. Prior to spending countless hours learning about tax law and working for clients, I was one of those people. Now, I welcome the challenge.

My name is Tom Strauss, and I created Tax Help Now, which is a “Doing Business As” for my tax preparation business Prime Accounting Services, to help people navigate the daunting process of satisfying the IRS when they question something on a tax return, decide to audit you, levy your paycheck, or come calling when you get behind paying your taxes or filing tax returns. Taxpayers deserve an advocate, and I want to fill that role. You don’t have to deal with the IRS alone.

There are many people, some you probably know, or maybe even you, who have had the misfortune of not being able to keep up with their tax obligations. Any number of financial setbacks can cause you to fall behind or not have the ability to pay the tax bill when you file your tax return. In many instances you’ve done nothing wrong to get into this position, and you want to pay the tax you legally owe. But here you are, and now the IRS has begun sending the notices.

Your first instinct might be to ignore the notices and not open them, hoping it’ll be a while before they take any serious action against you, giving you some time to figure out what to do. Believe me, that’s the wrong approach to take. Penalties and interest pile up every day you wait. The best approach is to be proactive and obtain the assistance of someone who knows the system and can work it to your benefit.

The IRS actually WANTS to help you get into compliance if they can. But they have very strict procedures that must be followed. I’ve earned the Enrolled Agent designation from the IRS, which gives me the privilege of representing taxpayers in all tax matters. I’ve learned that for any situation there is a right way and numerous wrong ways to handle it. Choosing and properly executing the right way leads to getting tax-compliant and stopping the notices, and in some instances settling the tax debt for less than you owe. Choosing the wrong way, or not properly working the process, can result in paying more than you should or not getting a solution in place at all.

Dealing with the IRS can be intimidating. If you have received a notice from the IRS regarding back taxes, penalties, liens, levies, or a possible audit, I can help you properly respond. I’ve put together a document entitled to give you some basic tax resolution information, which you can download below. The process to get compliant with the IRS can be tricky, so I don’t advise anyone to go it alone. I’m ready to assist you in making the right decisions and executing the correct strategy to keep the amount of tax, penalties and interest you owe as low as possible while getting the IRS off your back. Please contact me today for a free 20-minute phone or Zoom consultation.

Get “21 Facts About Getting Your IRS Debt Resolved”, a free download, by providing your contact information here.

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